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Spitfire Insurance is a trading style of Onesure Insurance Ltd who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We are a UK only based Insurance broker whose main objective is to service the insurance needs of the people of Great Britain.


The Company originally started trading from premises in Tunstall, Stoke on Trent, back in 2006 and became one of the Britain’s fastest growing Insurance Brokers. Due to our continued success back in 2010 we established that we would need to find new larger premises to cope with the demands of our growth.

We eventually found new premises in the Village of Butt Lane in Staffordshire that were ideal for the Company not only for the current demands but, it also had scope for the continued growth plans we had projected. The building we had purchased was an historic building starting life as a Co Operative back in 1891 but in recent times had become somewhat neglected.

Once we had purchased the building we set about renovating it and bringing it back to its former Glory. At this time it seemed fitting to come up with a name for the building as it had previously just gone under the address of 142-154 Congleton Road, which seemed a little lame for a building of this stature.

We didn’t have to look far for inspiration as the village of Butt Lane had previously been home to a very significant figure in British History, that being Reginald Mitchell the person responsible for the creation of the iconic Spitfire fighter plane, which was synonymous for helping to ensure British won in the infamous Battle of Britain. We therefore named our newly purchased building “Spitfire House” in honour of Reginald Mitchell’s incredible creation.

When we decided to launch a new consumer lead brand specifically aimed at the Great British public there was one obvious choice that came to mind and that was where our new brand of Spitfire Insurance was born, which we believe is symbolic in our values of battling to get the British public a better deal and service for all of their insurance needs.


There is no doubting that there have been some huge benefits to the new digital era that we now live in. The internet has literally transformed our lives, from the way we communicate with each other using social media sites to the way in which we now shop. This is certainly no different when it comes to how people now choose to shop for their insurance needs with the majority of the British Public now using the internet and in particular Comparison sites to purchase their insurance policies.

Whilst, there is no doubting the convenience of using these sites the main grumble we kept hearing time and time again was the lack of service and advice available, in many cases they wouldn’t find out about these issues out until they either wanted to change their policies or worse still when it came to claiming. Comparison sites are well and good for providing a price indication, but that is where their usefulness often ends.

They are what are referred to by the Insurance Regulator the FCA as “none advised” sales. This means it up to you to check the small print for all the relevant exclusions, clauses and hidden charges applicable. To read through all the relevant small print to find out which aspects of them applied to your own individual circumstances would significantly increase the amount of time it took you to transact your policy via one of these services and therefore take way the convenience of using such services.

That is why Spitfire Insurance was created to offer the Great British public a convenient way of getting the cheapest prices available but at the same time getting professional advice in order to get a policy that is not just competitive in price but is the right policy for your own needs.

We are authorised by the FCA to provide what is classed as an “advised sale” and are therefore we are able to talk you through all the benefits and any significant exclusions that each policy may offer. You don’t even have to pay higher premiums to get this service.

Comparing a panel of insurers like the comparison sites offer is nothing new, Insurance Brokers like us had been providing this comparison service for decades before the so called Comparison sites were even born.

Every quote that goes via us either online or over the phone is looked at individually by one of our trained insurance professionals to ensure that we get you not only the most competitive premium available but that you also get the policy that is right for you.